Cyber Security

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Retail Merchants Association put together a presentation about Cyber Security.  They, along with David DiGiacomo, Vice President of Business Development at Cobb Technologies, presented Chris Moschella, Risk & Advisory Services Manager at Keiter, and Collin Hite, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Leader at Hirschler Fleischer.  The advice and facts given by Chris Moschella and Collin Hite were eye opening.  The average cost per stolen or lost record is $221.00.  $145.00 of that goes towards the indirect costs to resolve the breach and $76.00 directly to resolving the breach.  60% of small businesses fold after a breach due to the costs.  

How do you prevent this from happening to you?  Create a policy and procedures to follow.  Ensure that all of your employees, not just the IT department are trained.  GET INSURANCE!  Double check your E&O Policy.  It does not always cover Cyber Security Incidents to its fullest.  Have a professional check out your security via an attorney that is proficient in cyber laws.
10 Point Checklist
by Collin J. Hite.
1.  Minimize data collection.
2.  Understand and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
3.  Find and digitally shred unneeded information.
4.  Limit access.
5.  Split up your network.
6.  Encrypt.

7.  Understand your network.
8.  Security is not just for IT professionals.
9.  Have a comprehensive incident response plan in place and test it regularly through desktop exercises.
10.  Work closely with your broker and an insurance coverage attorney to procure appropriate data privacy insurance.

This is just an overview of the one hour presentation that was given.  Cobb Technologies is doing a presentation on September 12 from 8am to 9am at their office located at 1000 Technology Park Drive, Glen Allend, VA 23059.  It is called Small business Liability, Disrupting chaos before it disrupts your business.  Please register at for this very informative presentation.  If it is anything like the one I went to, it will knock your socks off with information.
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