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There are so many different ways to be an Active Member of the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce and get the most "bang for your buck".  Join a committee.  You will know what is going on before anyone else.   

Committee Chair/Co-Chair Expectations
            Your purpose is to lead the committee through the process of planning and delivering a project or event for the chamber.  Help to create a sense of teamwork so the group can complete the tasks assigned.  The Chair role is also responsible to the Chamber Board of Directors and will keep them apprised of progress and final results.  If the Chair is unable to meet the necessary requirements for the monthly meeting, the Co-Chair shall set inline.  Your responsibilities are as follows:
1.Consult with the staff liaison and the Board of Directors.
2.Schedule dates, times, and locations for each meeting as agreed with the staff liaison or Board of Directors.
3.Establish and confirm an agenda with assistance from staff liaison that leads to a successful completion of the objective for the program/event.
4.Lead the meetings and follow up requirements for each program/event.
5.Ensure minutes are complete and reviewed at the next Board of Directors meeting.  The minutes are to include updates on all activities that are necessary to successfully complete each program/event.
6.Avoid any conflicts of interest between your position on the committee and your personal/professional life.  If such conflict arises, notify the staff liaison and the Board of Directors immediately.
Executive Committee
This committee is comprised of the Board Officers, Past President, and the Executive Director.  They meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce office at 3:30 pm.
Events Committee
This committee is responsible for coordinating new, monthly, annual, and semiannual events with target date, location, guest speakers as needed, and fund raising ideas.  They make the recommendations to the Board and support the Executive Director with member communication and media relations.  The Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for coordinating all volunteers as needed for each event.  The staff liaison will assist in recruiting volunteers for the program/event.
The routine events held are the Annual Social (held in January and replaces the Goochland Gathering meeting for the month of January), Volunteer Recognition Luncheon (held in the Fall of every other year), Golf Tournament (May), Cornhole Tournament (June), and the monthly marketing lunch meetings (Women In Business and Goochland Gathering). 
Assist in recommending speakers for the luncheons.  Locate new venues as needed.  Assist with Website Review, Social Media Content, marketing material proofing, emails to volunteers, and newsletter content.  Assist in promoting ad sales for the Annual Membership Directory.  Obtain donations for the Silent Auction held during the Annual Social.
The Events Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month following the Women in Business monthly meeting.
Membership Committee
This committee is responsible for keeping open communication between the members and the staff liaison/Board of Directors.  The Chair and/or Co-Chair communicate with the staff liaison to be updated on new members and new benefits. 
The committee evaluates the possibility of holding forums for members that educate them on their benefits.  They assist in creating and presenting orientations throughout the year with regards to new Members and their benefits.  Helps with Membership retention by contact new members to help them engage and become a productive member of the Chamber.  They assist in determining areas of membership retention needing improvement.
             The Membership Committee assists in scheduling Business After Hours engagement once a month to promote Chamber Business. 
The Membership Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month following the Goochland Gathering monthly meeting.
When a community issue is brought to the attention of the chamber this committee along with the board will determine the chambers involvement and follow through with any related activities.  The related activities will include forums, debates, or public presentations.
They will meet on an as needed basis.  Location and time will be determined.
Golf Committee
This committee organizes and executes a successful golf tournament annually.  The profits from the golf tournament are used for scholarship funds to help Goochland County High School Seniors.  Details of date and location are determined by the committee.  The Pre-Tee Party is held a week prior to the tournament.  This is scheduled with the membership committee. It includes the golfers, sponsors, and invited guests. 
The meetings will start roughly three months before the tournament is scheduled to be held.  Location and time will be determined.
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